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IBM Garage for Defense

Strong defense through digital innovation

With the IBM Garage for Defense, we have developed a specific operating model for the digitization of the armed forces, administration, and industry. Our model promotes the joint development of solutions. We focus on users needs and their functional experience! An iterative approach and testing at an early stage will pave the way for scaling solutions - without neglecting legal regulations.

Your team, our team – one team! Providing the right people, we are developing innovations with you in multidisciplinary teams. Working together on equal terms, we foster a new culture of collaboration – all together in one place.

Together we establish solutions for a modern, attractive, and powerful security and defense sector. Every project in the IBM Garage for Defense contributes to a successful digital transformation.

Let’s get in touch!

Arrange your individual appointment today – get to know the IBM Garage’s innovation model and the people behind it! In an interactive workshop we will evaluate whether the Garage model can help solve your current challenge and identify appropriate entry points.

With a set of well-established virtual onboarding practices, the IBM Garage for Defense equips teams with suitable tools, enables leadership and offers useful learning platforms. In this way you will not only get to know the Garage itself, but also useful tools for digital collaboration.

BTW: Due to the current situation, we offer all services in remote formats.

Fields of work & solutions

  • User Experience
  • Proof of Concept
  • Usability
  • Blockchain
  • Frontend
  • Backend
  • App Development
  • IBM Design Thinking
  • Minimum Viable Product
  • Service Design




Your contact at IBM

About us

How do public authorities best cope with the challenges of digital transformation? We help you solving tasks - from the agile introduction of a new technical procedures to the hosting of sensitive information or the analysis of your data treasures.


IBM Deutschland GmbH
Head of IBM Garage for Defense
Dominic Spachmann

Your contact at IBM iX

About us

Exciting, challenging projects drive us. If you are looking for an agency that you want to grow with, we are the right partner. Within the three disciplines of strategy, creativity and technology, we will find the right service for all your concerns for the digital age.


Julia Gudelius
Client Director Defense & Intelligence
IBM iX Berlin GmbH
+49 174 9966854

Our Offering




People & skills

Your team, our team, one team!

Each project team consists of a tailor-made group of experts, each with the required specialization and depth of experience.

Applied technology

We create new values by overcoming organizational impediments and removing technical barriers. That's the reason why technology is not at the heart of innovation in the IBM Garage for Defense, it's simply a tool to drive innovation. Through in-depth technological expertise, combined with extensive industry and domain knowledge, we can deploy the technology which accelerates your innovation.

New ways of collaborating

The IBM Garage is the first garage methodology that encompasses user experience, scaled implementation, and cultural change into a single, seamless end-to-end approach. The application of established methods enables quick, visible results. Therefore, the IBM Garage for Defense supports you from the initial idea to an organization-wide rollout.

Global network & ecosystem

A new approach: The IBM Garage for Defense can access all the resources IBM and its ecosystem can offer. We apply technologies that were invented to facilitate the economy, society, and humanity. First-class solution development, architectural resources for new and open technologies, and a variety of partners willing to form the basis for your successful ecosystem of the IBM Garage for Defense.

Location: Bonn

We have aligned the IBM location in Bonn specifically to the requirements of the IBM Garage for Defense: Agile teams can work with the latest technology in a creative and inspiring atmosphere. And the proximity to the Federal Ministry of Defense, the Cyber and Information Comand and BWI makes personal communication easier than ever.

Pop-up locations can be established in other places if you like!

Defense expertise & know-how

IBM and Aperto have been strategic partners for the armed forces for many years. We provide experts with detailed knowledge of the special requirements and challenges of the industry and the armed forces.

Operating Model


The IBM Garage for Defense operating model

Through the methods of the IBM Garage, we integrate the necessary steps for a focused and successful innovation into a seamless end-to-end approach. These range from the initial idea through the scaled implementation to the necessary cultural change.

The model is based on agile methods that lead to quick results. This is done through short iterations and continuous testing, thereby identifying weaknesses and possible changes of direction at an early stage.The result is a scalable product that has been developed to meet the specific needs of the users.

The IBM Garage runs through three phases, whereby each phase can also stand alone:




In each of these phases, we manage the transition to the formal procurement processes of the armed forces by delivering the required documentations and targeted validation of assumptions.

Co-Create – considering all relevant aspects

You are facing a specific challenge and may already have a solution. We develop a first prototype for testing based on validated facts in a multidisciplinary team. We collect relevant usage and user data, evaluate it, and focus on the needs of the respective target group.

Co-Execute – iterating to the MVP

Once the problem and initial solutions have been identified, the IBM Garage for Defense supports you with all the necessary components and methods to iterate an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) or a series of MVPs until the readiness for production is achieved. Ongoing user tests provide continuous insights which will be integrated into the next expansion stage. These will be iterated until all usage requirements and performance indicators aremet.

Co-Operate – scaling to maturity

Your MVP has proven successful in the pilot phase and is now to be scaled and continuously developed to go into productive operation. Together we optimize toolchains, architecture, monitoring, and testing to ensure continuous delivery and reliable operation. With our support, you can concentrate on introducing the associated cultural change in your organization step by step.

Fields of Action

Grafik mit Symbolen zu vier Themenfeldern: Digitale Gesundheitsversorgung, Digitaler Schreibtisch, Digitales Gefechtsfeld und Cyber Security